(1) Main Services


  1. Operate science and technology meetings and conventions of governmental or international organizations
  2. Host and co-host international symposiums with science research institutes or corporations
  3. Organize symposiums, seminars, product promotions among others during the exhibitions


  1. Host and co-host international science and technology exhibitions
  2. Operate domestic or overseas science and technology exhibitions of governmental or industrial organizations
  3. Organize ‘Shanghai Delegation’ or ‘Shanghai Science & Technology Delegation’ to participate in domestic or overseas exhibitions

Other Events
STCEC also plans and operates corporate events and engineering projects, which include corporate advertising & promoting, engineering project designing & constructing, venue staging and on-site supervision & management


(2) Other Services
  1. Venue booking, volunteer delivering, delegation reception, accommodation, post-event activities
  2. Services for international science and technology communication and cooperation programs
  3. Translation services
  4. Delegation reception for high-level domestic and overseas visiting groups
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